Protect Israeli Security Solutions is a diverse and innovative security solutions and training company under Prof. Itay Gil. Counter-Terror, Aviation, Hotel and Maritime Security, Krav Maga, Defensive Tactics, Law Enforcement, Military, Security Training, Risk Assessment and eLearning are a few areas we specialise in. We are experts in human behaviour and performance under pressure training. We are founders of the “unruly passenger” training for aviation. Our Krav Maga is, without question, the worlds most battle and reality tested Krav Maga. It is shaped and continuously evolving under  Itay Gils wealth of martial art, self defence, defensive tactics and most of all thousands of real life violent confrontations experience. Experience he acquired while serving as an operative, instructor and consultant for the “Yamam” considered by many as one of the absolute top counter-terror units in the world. 

December 5th, Protect Portugal Itay Gil Seminar-November 21st Japan, Itay Gil as guest and talks with government-Speciality Instructor Development course and certification/ rating testing in Israel, December 16th to 22nd-Itay Gil Seminar Perth Australia 28th October-Protect Counter Terror Warfare Academy to open up in Philippines 2016-BBC Special Forces-Ultimate Hell Week Itay Gil & Christian Palmér now on BBC-Cabin Crew in-July Protect gets deal for own TV show-Protect South Africa Ryan Davies to feature in TV super hero show “JONGO” set for 2016-October Itay Gil Seminar China-Protect China Itay Gil 6th-19th October-Protect in talks with West Virginia University for Tactical Training site-Hotel Safe with Swiss Alpine Center 4-5th March, Switzerland, Zurich-July Protect agreement for full scale facility Philippines-eLearning courses by Protect available now, 2 month certification or 6 month postgraduate courses-September Kenya Hotel Corporate Security Management