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Why is Krav-Maga the best option for self-defense?

Protect Krav Maga is based on thousand of real life violent confrontations, Israeli close quarters hand-to-hand combat techniques tested and refined while serving in Israel’s elite counter terrorism unit Yamam.

Later as a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the unit as well as for the Presidents security for almost 10 years, human behavior (attacker and victim) emerged as the most important part to understand and adapt the training towards. Especially in regards to performance under pressure and how we handle it.

Protect Krav Maga is beautiful in its simplicity and goal oriented way. Techniques are highly adaptable, easy to retain, and extremely effective. Some instructors in the world today had the pleasure of knowing the founder, Imi, very well. Trained with him and have done, and are doing a lot to promote and help Krav Maga to grow. Imi took the skills he had and combined them and adapted all of it to what was required based on the threats he and so many others were facing during that time.

Time past and things changed but threats remained and still do today. Imi did his best to evolve, keep up, fight and survive and teaching others to do so his entire life. There was no other option, there still is no other option. We do not decide what Krav Maga is or isn’t, Imi was intelligent enough to know that. The threats from the world we live in is the one and only decision maker. We can only do what Imi did, adapt and evolve and try to be better, in every way, all the time.

The threats facing us today are different but just as bad and it never ends. It will not end.

Time will not stand still. In the martial arts world the amount and level of ego, jealousy and competitiveness is a problem. Self defense (Krav Maga) is not, never was meant to be and never will be a sport. Protect will never try or waste energy on trying to be the biggest Krav Maga organization. Most of us enjoy getting compliments and have good things said about us. When we continuously get students from other organizations to come and train with us instead of their previous groups of organizations we can not afford the luxury to think that we are the best, ultimately we should all be the best.

At least try our best to always find ways of getting better, to be one step ahead, to survive and win. Not against each other but against the threats facing us, all of us because that’s how it is. Any instructor under any umbrella organization that originated from Imi that is not constantly evolving in what they teach, not adapting to new and changing environments and attacks that are taking place around the world today is not doing what he did or what he would have wished, or?

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There are instructors criticizing each other over who has the so called “best” or “true” Krav Maga stance….

And two days ago a guy with a meat cleaver and a fake suicide west gets killed while trying to go crazy on a police station in Paris. Two days ago! So ask yourself what Imi would be focusing on? Especially those who knew him well. Which stance is better or how we best defend ourselves against such a threat? Would he even care if the best defense was a Karate, Judo or some “no name/label” type of defense? Others can answer that question better than we can. Krav Maga is fantastic, as long as it follows what it was intended for. To be used against the threats from the world we live in. In changing times and environments, where we are forced to adapt and evolve. Self defense…

Instead of teaching overly complicated movements in sterile laboratory conditions we at Protect test everything under pressure to ensure the student understands the value of determination, while at the same time teaching the mindset and ability to survive in stressful, dangerous and violent situations even in states of extreme duress, injury or exhaustion. We will always strive and work to be the best, we should all be the best, regardless of what organization or group we belong to. We all know it is not traditional martial arts, we use whatever we can and whatever works from traditional martial art. But belts, levels and this and that or our way is better than your way is a waste of time.

We are Protect, the world’s most battle and reality tested Krav Maga and we specialize in performance under pressure and human behavior.

The second we think we are the best we lose because its a fight that will never end and all of us, instructors and students owe it to ourselves, each other and the world we live in to always continue to adapt, evolve and get better.