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AIU - Department
of Physical Education

Center of excellence
for sports and martial arts

by Atlantic International University and PROTECT Israeli Security Solutions

Important statement

We do NOT teach martial arts nor any fighting system.
Candidates must be able to demonstrate their experience as athletes or practitioners. We will educate you to be better presenters and will certify you can teach in accordance to the university’s high standards.

We teach you
how to teach

You will learn didactics
and methodology


You must be able to demonstrate that you already have a sound knowledge of your sport/martial art. You can speak, read and write English.

Again, we do not teach sport!

According to your experience and abilities, you can choose between 3 entry points corresponding to 3 different qualification levels:
Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor and Master Instructor.

Each level corresponds to one course and each course has been calibrated to match of certain experience. Talented athletes could have a faster learning curve but pretending too much may also keep you away from your certificate.


The program takes one month to complete in average.
You work at your own pace but you must terminate the course in 3 months maximum.


The workload varies according to the difficulty of your program and goes from 5 to 10 hours a week to be compatible with your job.
Depending on the level, you will have to produce from 8 to 12 videos, each of them being considered as distinct evaluation step.


Costs vary according to the level of qualification you are aiming at. It includes all tutorials (videos, books if any). You can request a payment by installments, but certificates can only be delivered once the entire amount is settled.


◉ Learn biomechanics
◉ Learn to present yourself
◉ Learn how to communicate
◉ Learn to present your techniques


Once the exam passed, you will receive a certificate degree as an academic recognition of your level. According to your experience and your skills, you will be certified Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor or even Master Instructor for the best.

6-10 year experience
15 hours/week
10 videos to submit
2 quizzes
5 year experience
10 hours/week
8 videos to submit
1 quiz
>10 year experience
20 hours/week
12 videos to submit
2 quizzes

Videos and quizzes as considered as separate modules. They can give you up to 10 points (best score).
You must reach 75% of the total number of points to pass.
ex. Basic instructor: 8 videos (8x 10 points) + 1 quiz (1x 10 points) = 90 points (maximum score). You need 0.75 x 90 = 68 points to pass

Should your score be under 75%, because you fail a video or a quiz, we will give you two extra chances to re-submit up to two modules (only 2 second chances per course). If after that your score is still under 75%, you fail.

If the event you have failed your exam, you need to start from scratch again. Restarting the program does not entitle you to any automatic discount.


All courses can be followed on AIU e-learning platform or during PROTECT face-to-face events organized worldwide during the year.

100% of the course is available as a FREE online course (MOOC - Massive Online Open Courses) but no certificate, no personal assessment, no books, no paid video tutorials, no video exercises.

You are confident?
We assess ONE video for FREE.

You will get a BASIC answer. YES or NO.


You need to earn your certificate and prove you are worthy. You completing the payment does not entitle you for the certificate without passing the exam.
PROTECT and AIU make no guarantees in terms of employability. PROTECT will not help you find a job. Protect is not a manpower company. COURSES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

Atlantic International University is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).
ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY IS NOT ACCREDITED BY AN ACCREDITING AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF EDUCATION. Note: In the United States, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for eligibility for licensing. In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept for transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment.


For those who have a passion in teaching sports (a minimum of 4 year of experience is required)

Please contact us for more information and pricing.