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Privacy Policy

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Installment payments

We support you in this career move with the possibility to split the tuition fees into 4 payments.

Please contact us ### add link### for more details.

Important: certificates can only be delivered once the entire amount is settled.

Refund policy

There is no refund policy. We dedicate a lot of time to our <b>Free Entrance Test</b> to make sure that you have the potential to be Protect Certified.

Considering Protect’s DNA, quitting is not an option.

Technical topics

How do I ensure good video registration?

Tripod settings

Your smartphone is probably the best tool for this. For better results, you can always use a digital camera or a camcorder.

You must be SEEN and HEARD during your demonstrations so make sure we get both image and sound.

What shot size should I use?

Adapt your shot size to your assessment. MCU or CU to introduce yourself, MLS or LS for generic demos, or even MS for specific moves…

How to upload content?

We have designed an user-friendly system to upload your video files. No technical skills required.

Video files can be very big so make sure that you have enough bandwidth (ADSL, 4G…) and that your files are well-encoded (not too big).

How do I interact with you?

Should you need help and/or some advice during the course, please use Whatsapp chat in the main menu bar. You will get an answer as soon as possible (and according to our time difference).



What will I learn?

You will learn didactics and methodology

We do NOT teach martial arts nor any fighting system.
Candidates must be able to demonstrate their experience as athletes or practitioners. We will educate you to be better presenters and will certify you can teach in accordance with the university’s high standards.

What are the prerequisites?

You must be able to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in your sport/martial art.

You have a 3-year experience minimum.

You can speak, read and write English or Hebrew.

You must be in perfect health condition (mentally and physically).

Why an admission test?

We are conscious that our courses represent a personal and financial investment. Therefore, we will test your level for FREE to be sure that you meet the minimum requirements. A negative answer is not definitive. You may just need more practice.

Tuition fees

Costs vary according to the level of qualification you are aiming at. It includes all tutorials (videos, books if any). You can request a payment by installments, but certificates can only be delivered once the entire amount is settled.


They represent much more than the usual attestations. For the ones who pass the exam, they will receive a certificate degree from our partner university. This academic recognition will attest to your level.

What is the minimum score to pass?

To pass the exam, you need an overall score of 75%.

Score calculation

Videos and quizzes are modules. Each of them can credit you with up to 5 points (best score).

ex. Basic instructor: 7 videos (7x 5 points) + 1 quiz (1x 5 points) = 40 points (maximum score). You need 0.75 x 40 = 30 points to pass

Is there a second chance?

Not one but two!

If you don’t reach a score of 75% at the end of the program, we will give you two extra bonuses.

Use them to re-submit your weakest videos or quiz.

If you eventually fail, you will need to restart from scratch. Restarting the program does not entitle you to any automatic discount.

How are the lessons organized?

5 Steps

Read the lesson
Do the assignment
Submit the assignment
Wait for my review
Move to the next lesson

The content of the course is straightforward and its steps should be very easy to follow.

When can I move to the next lesson?

There are no rules. But we recommend you to wait for your tutor’s feedback so you can learn and improve for your next assignment.

You can check your results following this link:
My Protect > My Results


The workload varies according to the difficulty of your program and goes from 5 to 10 hours a week. This should be anyway compatible with your day job.

Depending on the level, you will have to produce from 7 to 9 videos, each of them being considered as a distinct evaluation step


The program takes one month to complete on average.

You can work at your own pace but you have 3 months maximum to complete the course.


You need to have a good knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics. As part of our courses, we offer access to Muscle & Motion video platform to assist you in this self-learning step.

Your credentials for our partner’s premium video platform are included in Lesson 2. Do not share them!



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