A proven track record

Protect - Israeli Security Solutions is a company you can trust.

Itay Gil benefits from the highest level of accreditation in security. His expertise is recognized by the Israeli government and several international companies.


“During the period in which Protect has been instructing the official security unit of the Israeli Office of the President, the company has shown a high-level expertise, professionalism and reliability to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.”

Rafi Saroussi
Chief of Security President of Israel

“Itay Gil’s experience in counter-terrorism and close quarter combat fighting has significantly advanced and improved the overall level of our team’s performance and has contributed greatly to the successes of our field operations”

Gen. Ron N
Commander Unit 217 IDF

“There is no doubt that you are one of the leaders in your field and extremely knowledgeable both academically and tactically”

Chief Commander
Counter Terror Training

“In a very professional and enthusiastic way Mr. Gil was able to teach us remarkable skills and knowledge concerning the art of close protection”

The Royal Netherlands Police

“As President of Aspen University I am pleased to recognize you as an honorary Distinguished Professor of Intelligence, Counter Terrorism and Defense Studies”

Gerald Williams
President Aspen University

“We were searching for security programs and found Protect to be a world leader in its fields and we are proud to be affiliated”

Eric Hofmann
President Swiss Alpine Center