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Our difference

In this industry, our company was never considered to be Krav Maga organization or an association of any kind. But after many requests from many top schools and trainers, we decided to offer something different.


We will help martial arts schools, Krav Maga instructors and practitioners to be under an umbrella of the Protect Krav Maga Corporation. We show the maximum dedication to educate and support all the people that have a passion for teaching and training their students.

Target audience

For those who have a passion for training Krav-Maga, Martial arts or Combat Sports (4 years experience)

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

For any questions about Official PKM schools in your country and any other information.

3 good reasons

to join PROTECT

Join for FREE

What is special about the protect Krav Maga Corporation is that you can be a member FOR FREE!


◉ Forget membership fees

◉ No forced contracts

◉ No T-shirts nor DVDs

◉ Just pay for seminars and training


Your only obligation is to conduct one Krav Maga seminar per year.

Be yourself

Be yourself

Grow your business

Train different and as a result, be recognized for that. Join Protect now and start learning from the best in the industry.


Keep your identity and your logs

Go ahead, just be yourself! We do not force anybody and we do not expect to get paid for you being a part of Protect!


You are in martial arts and would like to start Krav-Maga

We will train you and certify you as a Protect Instructor so you can increase the success of your business.

No politics

No politics

Disappointed by too much politics and by the money you have to pay to some organizations?


We will conduct a transfer course for instructors so you will know our style of training and curriculum.

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