Gadi Skornik gave Imi a black belt

Gadi Skornik gave Imi Lichtenfeld his first “Israeli” black belt

Very good interview with true living legends, Grandmaster Haim ZUT and Guy Skornik (Gadi’s son). I have been blessed to have Gadi as a master.

Gadi Skornik gave Imi a black belt in judo in order to pave the way for Imi to give recognized belts in krav maga during the transition from military to the civilian world.

About Gadi Skornik

Gadi Skornik, born in 1940 in France (during the 2nd World War), demonstrated a rare talent for Martial Arts from an early age. He immigrated to Israel at the age of 17 to join the IDF. Over the years, he has proudly represented the State of Israel in numerous competitions. He was a true martial art expert with worldwide recognition. He has won many worldwide championships and was Israel Champion for many years in a row. Gadi completed his army service with the rank of lieutenant colonels trainer of operational units.

GADI SKORNIK has developed over the years his own method of self-defense, called “Gadi Kenpo Jitsu”. His art has been recognized locally by the Wingate Institute and the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as by the World Institute for Martial Arts. In recognition, he was granted the highest 10th Dan rank of Kancho, namely senior martial arts master.

Gadi professed that all the Martial Arts methods have the same value and that only the individual’s spirit makes the difference and not any particular technique.

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