Krav-Maga: the best option for self-defense?

Protect Krav Maga is based on thousand of real life violent confrontations, Israeli close quarters hand-to-hand combat techniques tested and refined while serving in Israel’s elite counter terrorism unit Yamam.

Protect Krav Maga is beautiful in its simplicity and goal oriented way. Techniques are highly adaptable, easy to retain, and extremely effective.

We do not decide what Krav Maga is or isn’t, Imi was intelligent enough to know that. The threats from the world we live in is the one and only decision maker. We can only do what Imi did, adapt and evolve and try to be better, in every way, all the time.

Instead of teaching overly complicated movements in sterile laboratory conditions we at Protect test everything under pressure to ensure the student understands the value of determination, while at the same time teaching the mindset and ability to survive in stressful, dangerous and violent situations even in states of extreme duress, injury or exhaustion.

We are Protect, the world’s most battle and reality tested Krav Maga and we specialize in performance under pressure and human behavior.

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