So Attacking Hotels is Easy or…

Terrorist can almost make the same statement as if striking an embassy. Hotels have plenty of Western travelers. Terrorists are especially interested in targets with well known American brand names.

This increase in attacks against “soft targets” is very likely going to continue to increase simply because its fairly easy targets to hit. Other examples of soft targets are public or semi-public (some type of restricted access) facilities where large numbers of people gather under relatively loose security. Soft targets also include various forms of public transportation, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and sports arenas.

In comparison to an embassy or airport, hotels with a high level of human traffic are more often than not secured with poorly trained guards and the activities in a hotel make it easy to penetrate, not only the daily business activity but the perimeter which often offers plenty of open and unsecured areas. The bigger the hotel the more areas such as bars, gym, pools, restaurants and shops that often have visitors that are not even guests at the hotel as well.

Hotels are in the hospitality business and can’t turn themselves into fortresses, however there is nothing stopping you from using the same layered security approach as for example is used at an airport.

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