You learn at your own pace on our learning platform. We are open 24/365 and you can work from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Whever you have some free time. Learn how to teach thanks to practical assignments You will teach for real (anatomy, motion, physiology…) and show detailed techniques. Our coaching will focus on 3 subjects


With the help of our video package, you will learn anatomy and physiology to develop your knowledge of muscle groups and body mechanics. This full package of 3D videos explains movements and muscle groups so you can picture the way the body moves. Knowing this, you will avoid mechanical mistakes and work with your students safely. You will need to memorize and be able to demonstrate and explain what muscle groups are activated in certain movements through this SELF LEARNING PROGRAM.


We will help you to improve your communication and interpersonal skills teaching you how to:

  • Stand and speak with authority
  • Be heard clearly with a high pitch voice
  • Perform convincing demonstrations
  • Break down the technics
  • Talk about biomechanics on small movements for ex. how to balance your body, close your fists and going to small details
  • Be creative and repeat your explanation using a better demonstration if the first one is not understood


We will help you to improve your organizational skills. Structure your teaching in your brain from the lowest to advanced level to offer lessons covering the widest range of talents.

You will discover how to boost your techniques with our Visual Video Assessment tool (see below).

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