Logo Protect Krav Maga
Logo Protect Krav Maga

Protect Krav-Maga is the world’s most battle and reality tested Krav Maga

◉ Israeli combat techniques

◉ Designed for close quarters hand-to-hand combat

◉ Pressure-tested and refined by the PKM founder Itay Gil

◉ Itay Gil is the Yamam hand-to-hand combat instructor

”Itay Gils experience as an operational member of one of the world’s toughest elite special forces units Yamam is why, without a doubt Protect Krav Maga is the most battle and reality tested Krav Maga in the world today”


– Jason Rahfeldt (US Navy)

Highly adaptable, easy to retain, and very effective.

Learn first class physical and psychological skills to protect yourself and your loved ones within months of training rather than years.

PKM Personnel currently train Israeli military Special Forces, special government agencies and private security companies. Our team also provided VIP protection training and course, close combat training tactics for corporate and military personal worldwide. PKM schools, run by certified Protect Krav Maga instructors are present in countries worldwide with highly skilled instructors offering the highest quality of tuition and the facility to bring the best out of the students in a real life stressful violent encounter specific to each region represented.

In place of teaching overly complicated movements in sterile laboratory conditions everything is tested under pressure to ensure the student understands the value of determination while teaching the mindset and ability to survive in stressful, dangerous and violent situations even in states of extreme duress, injury or exhaustion.

PKM is dedicated to providing the highest level of combat training and is suitable for men and women with no experience needed, however potential PKM students are advised PKM is not to be confused with any traditional martial arts or combat sports fighting systems, in real situations uniforms and belts are irrelevant.

During his career Itay Gil has personally trained the security teams for the Israeli and Ukrainian Presidents. The mayor of Las Vegas, HRT, FBI, SWAT, BOBE Brazil Special Unit Police, Royal Military Police Netherlands, FSB, Spetsnaz Alpha Group, Police in Scotland, Belgium, UK, Argentina, Ukrainian Airlines and US Airways, among many others.

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